About Us

Tiny Acorns Developmental Preschool is a non-profit Preschool that was established in March of 2015 as an extension of Mighty Oaks Children’s Therapy Center. Tiny Acorns will serve to further the outreach to a larger community. Tiny Acorns is committed to providing a safe, healthy, happy atmosphere for each child in our care. We believe that children are unique individuals who should be treated with respect, who are acknowledged as reflective thinkers, explorers, capable of making sound decisions with regards to their own learning in a safe, warm, friendly and healthy environment. We view all children as communicators who have the right to express themselves through: arts and crafts, construction, well being, belonging, contribution, communication and exploration. We believe in respecting each individual child’s physical, emotional, and social needs through everything we do and to show them how to maneuver through life in a positive and successful way.

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